We are a company made up of ambitious people who want to achieve important goals together and reach the top, the peak. Reaching higher limits is our motto; it is our way of living, working and approaching the requests of our clients.

And just when we think we have reached our goal, our challenge begins, the real one towards the sky.


No challenge is too demanding or tiring; indeed, our determination pushes us to accept even the most difficult and complicated projects. We put ourselves to the test and improve every day, project after project, and construction site after construction site. We believe that the most satisfying part of our job is to pass every test, always. 


To exceed a height, you need courage, you need commitment, and you need sacrifice and above all a significant amount of experience. When our team achieves a goal, we become increasingly aware that we are able to reach any point anywhere, climbing as high as possible. Just like the sky, we also have no limits. 



The need to deal safely services with high working risks led TECNO CRANE to invest in the continuous training of its technicians and in the highest technical innovation.


The experience and the formation of our technicians linked with a close partnership with an engineering studio allow us to deal with the obligations established by law. The clause 71 subsection 11 of the law 81 of 2008 calls that cranes and any other lifting order to check the functional and conservation state for the the safety of the workers.


Knowing the importance of the legal side of our business we keep our staff always up to date on the norm. We are the most trustworthy partner for granting the efficiency and the control of the lifting means, in full respect of law’s prescriptions.



ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for the creation, implementation and management of a Quality Management System for any company. It is designed to be used by organizations of any size or sector, as well as by any company. As an international standard, it is recognized as the basis for creating a system that ensures customer satisfaction and improvement in any company and, therefore, many companies include it as a minimum requirement for their suppliers.

The overall purpose of OHSAS 18001 is to support and promote good practices in Workers' Health and Safety, including self-regulation, balanced with socio-economic needs. Such a system allows each organization to develop an Occupational Health and Safety policy.