Crane maintenance and periodic inspections include a series of operations and verifications that, if carried out correctly and professionally, can prevent possible crane breakdowns with consequential accidents.
For this reason, tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, overhead cranes or any other lifting system require maintenance checks to be carried out by specialised personnel with proven experience like Tecno Crane.

Some of the inspections that need to be carried out periodically for proper crane maintenance are, for example:
- Checking and possibly replacing cables and chains;
- Checking the insulation of electrical cables and electrically powered devices;
- Checking the brakes on the various motors;
- Checking and lubricating all moving parts.

Carrying out routine crane maintenance contributes significantly to reducing wear on the moving parts and unplanned breakdowns, as well as preserving performance over time and ensuring the continued availability of the equipment.
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Overhead crane maintenance

Tecno Crane is a specialised company and a point of reference in the field of overhead crane maintenance.
The services we offer are fundamental because they will allow you to comply with the legislations currently in force, thus guaranteeing maximum safety both on construction sites and in all those facilities where these machines are used.
Our main aim is to offer perfect overhead crane maintenance so as to guarantee optimum operations which do not cause damage to those working in the area.
It is worth noting that overhead crane maintenance should not only be carried out when the performance of the machinery is no longer optimal and begins to show signs of failure, but a series of interventions should be carried out periodically to prevent unexpected events and possible damage to the overhead crane.
Thanks to our proven experience in the sector, we work with the utmost professionalism and competence on winches, accessories and lifting equipment, radio control systems and hoists.
Our overhead crane servicing and maintenance services are at the disposal of our customers, so as to ensure high machine efficiency along with our expedient and professional service


We carry out maintenance services on previously installed construction cranes.


We do periodic inspections on cranes to ensure the safety and reliability.


We carry out overhead crane maintenance throughout the Veneto region.

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