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Safety is paramount for Tecno Crane and we operate in Padua, Vicenza, Treviso and Venice, where we offer a truly impeccable construction crane erection service.

On a construction site, the building crane is an essential tool for moving and lifting loads and materials from the ground.

Building crane erection is one of the many services offered by Tecno Crane, a company specialising and with proven experience in the dismantling and erection of building cranes of different sizes, types and makes, to adapt to the needs of construction sites and contractors.

Building crane assembly is an operation that must, of necessity, be carried out by a team of professionals.

To safely erect the crane, the right location must first be chosen, taking into account certain conditions such as:

– the strength of the ground on which the crane will rest;
– the safety of the people who will be involved both on the construction site and in the immediate vicinity.

If these conditions are not ensured prior to assembly, incorrect crane assembly can adversely affect the efficiency of the crane and put the entire construction site at risk.

Tower crane erection

The main feature of this type of construction crane is its ability to adapt to any use or purpose, while ensuring a high level of safety and stability.

Among the many services offered by our company is tower crane erection, which is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure our customers the reliability and safety that are essential for the many operations carried out on a construction site.

Self-Erecting Crane Assembly

Tecno Crane also offers the self-erecting crane assembly service, which is particularly suitable for construction sites that require frequent dismantling and relocation of the building crane.

Its small dimensions make it particularly agile and manoeuvrable, allowing it to be transported on wheels or a semi-trailer without any particular limitations.

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When planning a job or hire with cranes, our technicians enter the site in advance to carry out a preliminary inspection. The erection of a tower crane involves a careful prior assessment of the characteristics of the construction site, which must be carried out by a team of specialists.



For correct assembly, disassembly and service work, it is very important to have a complete overview of the process. Adequate planning of the work makes it possible to work safely and to precisely coordinate the workers who will intervene on site.

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In order to safely erect the crane, it is first necessary to choose the right location, taking into account certain conditions, such as: the strength of the ground on which the crane will rest and, above all, the safety of the people who will be involved on the construction site and in the immediate vicinity. We are certified: ISO 9001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007

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