Owing to an innovative hydraulic system, our self-erecting cranes allow assembly and disassembly in a single movement.
There is no need for a crane truck or other means for its installation!
Thanks to our self-erecting crane, you can be up and running on site in no time at all, making it particularly suitable for small or short-term construction sites.
Normally, a self-erecting construction crane does not have an operator's cabin to control movements, but is controlled by a radio command, which guarantees high safety and reduces maintenance.
They are equipped with numerous sensors and the use of innovative electronic boards and inverters make it possible to soften movements by minimising both stress to the structure and load oscillations.
The dimensions and weight have been rationalised to allow rapid transport by truck, and some models are equipped with tyres for autonomous road transport.
You will be able to position it in tight spaces thanks to its steerable axles that provide small turning radii.

Self-Erecting Small Cranes

We have several models of self-erecting cranes which vary in size and lifting capacity.
In addition, a small self-erecting crane allows you to move quickly from one area of the construction site to another.
Contact us for more information about our small self-erecting cranes.

Used self-erecting cranes

We also have numerous used self-erecting cranes available.
These are constantly serviced and inspected by operators who have many years of experience in the field.
For this reason, we can guarantee that the crane will work flawlessly.
Tecno Crane offers self-erecting cranes for sale or for rental use - contact us for a free quote!


Self-erecting crane disassembly and erection.


Self-erecting crane rentals and sale.

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