It is important to choose the most suitable crane for each construction site after a preliminary inspection by our specialists who will advise you on the correct choice.

We have four assembly technician teams who are able to complete any type of erection, from the simplest to the most complex and we are extremely capable of erecting tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, hydraulic or rope cranes and jib cranes.

Always up to date on the evolution of the regulations, we are the most reliable partner to guarantee the efficiency and control of lifting equipment in full compliance of the law.

We have adopted an internal quality system in compliance with all the requirements of Legislative Decree 81/08, which allows access to even the most demanding construction sites.


When planning a job or a crane rental, our technicians access the job site to carry out a preliminary inspection. The assembly of a tower crane involves a careful preventive assessment of the characteristics of the construction site, which must be carried out by a team of specialists. 


For correct erection, dismantling and assistance, it is very important to have a complete view of the process. Proper work planning allows you to work safely and precisely coordinate the skilled crew on the construction site. 


In order to safely install a crane, first a suitable location must be chosen for the placement, taking into consideration certain conditions, such as: ground resistance and above all the safety of the crew who will be involved on the construction site and in the immediate vicinity. We are ISO 9001: 2015 OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified 


The experience and training of our technicians and the collaboration with an engineering firm allows us to meet the obligation established by art. 71 paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, where it states that cranes and lifting machinery must be subjected to periodic and extraordinary inspections, to ascertain its state of operation and conservation for the safety of the workers. 


Nicola Pizzeghello, Alberto Fior and Massimo Zacchello, business partners of Tecno Crane, are AIAS Academy trainers and all our riggers are continuously updated. We believe that safety is the element that distinguishes our professionalism. 


The maintenance and periodic inspections of a crane include a series of operations and verifications that, if carried out correctly and professionally, can prevent possible failures and subsequent accidents. Our experienced staff is responsible for the verification of the ropes and chains, insulation of the electrical cables and electrically powered devices, the brakes of the various motors and the lubrication of all moving parts. 


We have 8 equipped mobile workshop vehicles to cope with a variety of situations. We carry out repairs on industry leading brand cranes, emergencies at construction sites 24/7 and we can repair radio-controls and inverters. 


Thanks to an internal mechanical workshop and modern equipment, we are able to repair and overhaul cranes or parts of them, rewind electric motors, revise winches, replace rotation rails, overhaul multi-brand electrical and radio control panels and install inverters. 


Our specialists ensure top-notch interventions according to certified standards and procedures, from transport to the installation of complex machinery to the supply of consumables. We can program and perform all routine maintenance to extend the life of the machine and always ensure optimal performances. 



The need to deal safely services with high working risks led TECNO CRANE to invest in the continuous training of its technicians and in the highest technical innovation.


The experience and the formation of our technicians linked with a close partnership with an engineering studio allow us to deal with the obligations established by law. The clause 71 subsection 11 of the law 81 of 2008 calls that cranes and any other lifting machine...in order to check the functional and conservation state for the the safety of the workers.


Knowing the importance of the legal side of our business we keep our staff always up to date on the norm. We are the most trustworthy partner for granting the efficiency and the control of the lifting means, in full respect of law’s prescriptions.